This is the website of the AMANDE project (1/Dec/2013 - 30/Nov/2017).



The project is supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as ANR-13-BS02-004. The project is also supported by the "Fondation de Recherche pour l'Aéronautique et l'Espace" (FRAE).

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AMANDE in a nut almond shell

The AMANDE (Advanced Multilateral Argumentation for DEliberation) project aims at providing formal tools for designing multiparty deliberation systems. The main objective is to define and study the properties of such systems, so that designers can ensure that users and possibly interacting agents are able to identify key arguments in a deliberation process, and to fairly defend their view. While the technological tools are now available to deploy such systems, we believe there is now an urgent need to work on the theoretical foundations of such platforms.

Our main ambition with this project is to provide the theoretical foundations allowing a designer to:

  1. Support multiparty deliberation, allowing for instance to fairly regulate a debate and avoid manipulation, to assess the status of a given claim, or to emphasize the critical claims put forward so far.
  2. Analyse multiparty deliberation, allowing for instance to identify key arguments, the most influential contributors, or the possible coalitions.
  3. Enable artificial agents to effectively take part in such deliberations, which raises in addition questions pertaining to the adequate definitions of strategies for such agents.