Meetings: 3rdMeeting

AMANDE 3rd Project Meeting - Lille - 14-16 January 2015

Wednesday 14 January

14h00-15h00: Emmanuel Hadoux (LIP6)
Optimization of probabilistic argumentation with Markov Processes

15h00-15h30: Break

15h30-16h30: Sylvie Doutre
Translation of abstract argumentation in dynamic logic

Thursday 15 January

9h30-10h30: Jerome Delobelle
On gradual semantics

10h30-11h00: Break

11h00-12h00: Leila Amgoud
Measuring conflicts in argumentation systems

14h00-15h30: Open Session

15h30-16H00: Pause

16h00-16h30: Stefano Moretti
On the strategic aspects of multi-agent argumentation

16h30-18h00: Working session and practical argumentation applications

Friday 16 January

9h00-10h00: Jean-Guy Mailly
Translation-based approaches for the revision of argumentation frameworks

10h00-10h30: Break

10h30-11h30: Administrative Meeting

11h30-12h00: Stefano Moretti
A conflict index for arguments

14h00-15h00: Jean-Gabriel Contamin (Sciences Politiques - Lille)
L’argumentation en politique. Répertoires de légitimation et de délégitimation du discours pétitionnaire

15h00-15h30: Wrap up

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