Meetings: 4thMeeting

AMANDE 4th Project Meeting - Paris - 15-17 June 2015

Monday 15 June (A711)

11h00-12h00: Elise Bonzon An overview of argumentation protocols -- slides
14h00-15h00: Hugo Mercier Why do humans reason? Evidence for an argumentative theory
15h00-16h00: Roberto Lucchetti Axiomatics of power indices for argumentation

Tuesday 16 June (A711)

9h45-10h30: Srdjan Vesic Supported inference and extension selection in abstract argumentation
10h30-11h00: Break
11h00-12h40: Internships session (20 mins per talks)

14h00-15h00:Internships session (2) (20 mins per talks)

15h30-16H00: Pause
16h00-17h00: Working group sessions

Wednesday 17 June (A707)

9h30-10h30: Francesco Belardinelli Formal Analysis of Dialogues on Infinite Argumentation Frameworks
10h30-11h30: Jean-Guy Mailly CoQuiAAS : Applications de la programmation par contraintes l'argumentation abstraite
11h30-12h30: Admin matters
14h00-15h00: Wrap up

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