Meetings: 5thMeeting

AMANDE 5th Project Meeting - Toulouse - 6-8 January 2016

The meeting took place in the "Salle des thèses" at IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier.

Wednesday 6 January

14h00-14h45: Philippe Besnard Representing and reasoning about arguments mined from texts and dialogues
14h45-15h30: Stergos Afantenos Discourse parsing for multi-party chat dialogues
15h30-16h00: Break
16h00-16h45: Admin matters (Project evaluation, website...)

Thursday 7 January

09h30-10h15: Emmanuel Hadoux Argumentation platforms
10h15-11h00: Patrick Saint-Dizier Argument mining in texts and dialogues: a linguistic analysis methodology paired with domain knowledge
11h00-11h30: Break
11h30-12h15: Florence Bannay Bipolar qualitative framework for "take or leave" decisions under incomplete knowledge
12h15-14h00: Lunch (Upsidum)
14h00-14h45: Claudette Cayrol The Matrix Approach for Abstract Argumentation Frameworks
14h45-15h30: Jean-Guy Mailly Revision of Enthymeme-based Argumentation Frameworks
15h30-16h00: Break
16h00-16h45: Srdjan Vesic How to Decrease and Resolve Inconsistency of a Knowledge Base?
16h45-17h30: Working groups

Friday 8 January

09h30-10h15: Marie-Christine Lagasquie An axiomatic approach to support in argumentation
10h15-11h00: Jerôme Delobelle Argumentation Ranking-based Semantics based on Propagation
11h00-11h30: Break
11h30-12h30: Working groups
12h30-14h00: Lunch (Upsidum)
14h00-14h45: Thomas Polacsek A Process to Support and to Report Collaborative Decision
14h45-15h15: Wrap-up

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